Price $ 1265 this year next year $ 1030

BNP Paribas (BNP Paribas), now that safe-haven demand of the gold market and was never quite the same, geo-political problems can only be promoted to gold short, but United States raise interest rates may drive prices even lower.

BNP Paribas 2014 gold estimate by 10 cents to us $ 1265/ounce, but reduced by 2015 Gold expects to 1030 dollars an ounce.

BNP Paribas said: "Iraq, and Ukraine and other geopolitical issues come and go, gold became less and less on its sensitivity. "

the Bank also believes that:" due to safe-haven demand decline, any rise in gold prices above the $ 1300/oz are selling opportunity, we believe that there is no reason to change. "

in addition, BNP Paribas believe that United States interest rates will eventually rise, United States unemployment rate decreased GDP growth momentum.

"rising interest rates, gold will become less attractive, compared to the ECB faces stagnation of the eurozone economic growth may eventually adopt QE measures. This means that the dollar strengthened against the euro, so bad for the price. "

BNP Paribas also believed that geopolitical just bring a number of obstacles to the downward trend.

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