Mitsubishi: improved physical demand in Platinum Palladium technical concerns reversed

Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) said the recent rise in Platinum prices, but still be limited within a certain range, but this means improved physical demand.

Meanwhile, the end of some of the transactions could be good for Palladium prices.

"there are indications that China's Platinum physical demand, the Shanghai gold exchange (SGE), prices increased by approximately 5% litres of water, it could be before the Spring Festival, China's seasonal buying has already begun. "

for Palladium, Mitsubishi believes that its technology is concerned, it is to worry about the short term. "200-day moving average may go over the 100-day moving average, and momentum indicators below the moving average, such a bearish sign that there will be some short-term reversal. "

" but above the US $ 821 an ounce in early morning trading, may bring a new trading range until 843 or eventually reached $ 869 per ounce. Although fundamentals are positive about us for Palladium, but with the coming of Christmas, possible reduction in physical demand, which means investment and macro-economic factors will lead prices. Investors during the end of liquidation and book modification for Palladium is positive. ”

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