Gold rebounded the market concerned Greece election situation

on Tuesday (December 30) stocks, and gold prices rose slightly, but the dollar is still strong, so limited gains, top hits $ 1188/oz level fluctuation near the lunch in 1186 dollars an ounce.

Greece's situation brings some safe-haven demand, Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras nominated presidential candidate, Stavros Dimas failed to get enough votes in the third round of the presidential election, Greece must, within 10 days of the dissolution of Parliament, the next 30 days will be held ahead of national elections, early elections, or will cause political turmoil, triggering fears the debt crisis.

dollar fluctuation around near a 29-month high against the euro, the dollar index is near the highest level since April 2006.

one of Singapore's precious metals trader said: "the stock market's fall has brought some demand for gold, but the biggest factor remains for gold dollars. "

the traders also said:" the past few trading days is mainly because trading volume was light, the fundamentals include the dollar and interest rates has not changed. "

due to the Christmas and new year holidays, market volumes are very light, and Tuesday will be Japan and other places in this year's last trading day. CME will be closed on Thursday is the first day.

so far this year, the price of gold fell by about 1.5%, mainly by the strong dollar and expectations for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates down. Recent sharp declines in crude oil prices for gold are also disadvantaged.

SPDR gold ETF experience last week after a sharp outflow, holdings this week remained at the lowest level in 6 years.

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