France's foreign trade Bank: ETF next year will continue to be sources of gold supply

this week because of the Christmas holiday, market trading very light Gold limited fluctuations.

earlier this week, China's market is the most active gold contract trading volume is very light. MKS trader said: "the very light trading volume in Asia. "

earlier this week on the Shanghai market price premium at about $ 5 an ounce," this month in the higher levels, "but has since dropped to around US $ 2 an ounce soon.

Standard Bank (Standard Bank) said that while Europe and Russia still has a lot of the uncertainty of the situation, but Western investors reduce their gold holdings and ETF appear obviously out.

SPDR gold ETF on Wednesday sharply out of 11 tons, total holdings fell to a 6-year low, also the lowest level of the year.

at present, the total holdings of SPDR gold ETF from its peak at the end of 2012 has shed almost half.

and the world's largest silver ETF,iShare silver ETF (SLV) last week out of 131 tons, total holdings fell to 10517 tons from October's three-year high of 3.5%.

France's foreign trade Bank (Natixis) commodities team said: "gold ETF holdings in 2015, remain a major source of gold supply. "

" with the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates if the ETF holdings out of the speed increase is not surprising. "The Bank expects the price of gold in 2015, the Federal Reserve may raise interest rates in the second quarter, while the price of gold fell to a low point of $ 1110 per ounce.

However, Mitsubishi (Mitsui) analyst David Jollie said: "gold net outflow of funds and not a bearish factor for gold, this is different and the beginning of 2013. This source will pause, if prices rise, then a lot of the metal likely NET Fund inflows. ”

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