Agency: signs of rebound in bullish on Platinum Palladium gold gold

Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi) Monday (December 8), Palladium fundamentals are exceptionally strong, while Palladium prices are showing signs of rebound. Palladium grain from the United States benefited strong car sales, according to a new report United States November sales of passenger cars rose to a 10-year high, amounting to 17.1 million units at an annual, 16.3 million increase compared with a year ago. United States November light truck and sport-utility vehicle demand rose 9.6%, in contrast, increases in car sales is much more moderate (or 1.3% only).

Mitsubishi points out that this positive demand for Palladium, for trucks and sport-utility vehicles than cars required larger engines, which require more Palladium catalyst to achieve high load issues.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi says, Platinum at $ 1200 per ounce mark last week consolidation at the top, apparently confirmed since the reversal of the decline since mid-July. Meanwhile, Palladium last week better than Palladium, Platinum/Palladium rebounded from the 12 low of 1.48-rates-for short-term movements in relative strength in Platinum and a signal.

the Agency said last week that world Platinum Investment Committee (World Platinum Investment Council) and SFA Oxford's latest quarterly report highlights prospects for tightening fundamentals of supply and demand in Platinum, although itself in the third quarter, and Platinum markets South Africa mining production rebounded and supply surplus situation.

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