Agency expects next year Platinum price 1250-1513 palladium price 770-870

some analysts say Platinum metal prices at the beginning of next year, despite slightly weaker, but will eventually rise. In spite of all the United States adverse factors such as higher interest rates and a strong dollar, but analysts believe that supply will push prices up further.

TD Securities (TD Securities) Bart Melek, head of commodity strategy believe that Platinum will have a lot of pressure early next year, market despite a supply gap, but there is still a lot of inventory, and Europe's economy continues to weaken, the Platinum is very important, because there are a lot of auto catalyst demand from Europe.

Melek said: "at least one or two quarters, weakness in Platinum, may be only a little improvement, but not much. "

However, Melek believes that next year things will provide some support for the development, including some key commodity-consuming countries such as China and the euro zone countries and regions for further stimulus.

Melek believes that by late 2015, over 1600 US dollars an ounce in Platinum prices.

Germany commercial banks (Commerzbank) agreed that the early 2015, not a particularly large rise in Platinum prices, due to weakness in the gold. "Platinum prices in the next year may be $ 1200 per ounce, will rebound in the second half. Gold bearish factor facing will disappear, and those who cover up the limited supply of stocks will also be mostly depleted at that time, so that by the end of the Platinum price will rise to $ 1300/oz. "

Germany commercial bank that the 2015 Palladium prices will be stable in the first half, will probably fall in a year to $ 750 an ounce, will rebound in the second half, to rise to 850 by the end of the dollar an ounce.

Mitsubishi strategist Jonathan Butler thinks of Palladium's fundamentals are good, the price will be a moderate rebound, could hit $ 900 an ounce.

HIS track K.C, Senior Economist of the platinum metals prices. Chang believes that by the end of 2015 Platinum price will be between 1350 to 1400 USD/oz. He think Palladium prices will be between 730 and 740 dollars an ounce.

Citigroup Research Institute (Citi Research) think Platinum prices next year will be in 1350, France's foreign trade Bank expects average 1354, Germany commercial banks is expected to average 1250, TD Securities expects average 1513, and believe that the fourth quarter will reach 1700 dollars an ounce.

Palladium prices, France's foreign trade Bank is expected in 2015 average $ 770 per ounce, Germany commercial bank expected average price of 790, TD Securities expects average prices 856, Citigroup is expected to average 870.  

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