3rd quarter global hedge account only holdings 6 metric tonnes of gold

France SocGen (Societe Generale) on Tuesday (December 16) said in a report, global hedge account (The Global Hedge Book) has increased only 6 tonnes of gold in the third quarter, which is 200,000 ounces. But 2014 years 9 months, global gold hedge size 57 tons, or 1.84 million ounces.

France Societe Generale noted that "global hedge account, only 13 in the third quarter increased positions, 24 gold hedging account size quarter to fall. Gold hedge funds as a whole is about $ 205 million. "

the Bank also said," to the year 2014, we expect gold to hedge account or in a total 1.35 million ounces (42 tons) to 1.68 million ounces (52 tonnes) range. "

gold mining company (Gold Fields Mineral Services) said Matthew Piggott, Chief precious metals analyst," after an eventful second quarter in, trading hedging more regressive trend. But there is also no data to prove the first 9 months of the gold hedging levels are for gold producers. ”

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